Epaulette wins his first major race of 2013 in Doomben 10000

Doomben 10000 is one of the most anticipated horse racing events in Australia. It is considered as the premiere sprint in race in Queensland and last Saturday this year’s Doomben 10000 has come to an end with Epaulette winning the coveted prize.

Epaulettewon by two lengths against last year’s winner Sea Siren and Buffering, another contender who was just short half-head away. Peter Snowden, Epaulette’s trainer, is so proud and ecstatic that the horse finally won his first major race this year. He mentioned that Epaulette spent time at Darley Australia’s Osborne Park to train for this race. He noted that after placing sixth in the All Aged Stakes, Epaulette had a bit of a down time and setting up a boot camp at Osborne Park and doing a bit of jumping helped the horse a lot. This win of Epaulette is Snowden’s fifth win in Group One races for the season.

Epaulette wins Doomben 10,000

Snowden also gave credit to Kerrin McEvoy, Epaulette’s jockey, saying that the horse’s win would be impossible without his help and suggestions. He noted that it was McEvoy who recommended that Epaulette should wear a visor during the race. “I was going to keep the winkers on him but Kerrin was firm in his belief that the visor would be a better option and he pulled the right rein,” Snowden said in one of his interviews.

Prior to the race, Epaulette was not a favourite amongst those who placed bets for this year’s Doomben. Doomben 10000 is one of the favourite horse racing events of punters, so hundreds of them have placed their bets through various Australian betting shops or through free betting sites such as AU Free Bets. Your Song is the 2-1 favourite but finished sixth during the race. Epaulette rallied to win with 5-1 chance against Sea Siren with a 16-1 chance.

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Essendon Club Facing Doping Allegations

The Essendon doping scandal has been creating a lot of buzz in the Australian world of sports.

According to Australian Football League Deputy Executive Chief Gillon McLachlan, it is confirmed that Essendon is concerned over the illegal use of performance-enhancing supplements within the club. The deputy chief executive also adds that the AFL is aware of two cases where prohibited drugs may have been used by AFL players. The first case involves a single player from a certain club, while the second case involves several players from another club. When asked which club is facing issues of using WADA-prohibited drugs among its players, McLachlan answers that it would be safe to discuss such matters with Essendon, especially since said club has already voiced out their concern about the matter.

Essendon - Doping Allegations

Obviously, this spells trouble for the clubs and players who will be undergoing the investigations. Not only will they have to answer to AFL authorities, but they also need to deal with sponsors; such as the case with Essendon.

Most likely, clubs’ contracts with sponsors will have clauses that can be considered grounds for termination if it is found that clubs have taken part in anomalies. Also, there will most likely be a clause that will allow sponsors to demand refunds of sponsorship payments should a breach in contract be found.

For more details, please see Aitken Lawyers Melbourne – you can follow the link here:  Sponsorship issues in Essendon doping investigation

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Cycling – No Longer Just a Sport


Can you believe every day more than 150,000 individuals from all over the country strap on their helmets, put on their cycle gear and make their way to work solely using the power of their own two feet? It’s safe to say, riding has progressed from being just a sport, to a popular method of transportation. The Ride2Work Day, which takes place in October of this year, already has over 5000 individuals registered to participate.

The amount of Australians attending the Ride to Work Day event has grown considerably since its inception in 1994, where only 615 riders took part. Surveys conducted after the event also proved that a large percentage of the bikers who participated, continued to get to work using pedal power once the event was over.

Riding a bicycle to work has increased in popularity due to many reasons: Firstly it is beneficial to one’s health; research shows that riding a bicycle for three hours a week can reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 50 percent and can lessen one’s risk of depression. Overall it is a great way to incorporate physical activity into daily life.

Another reason why a lot of people opt to bike to work is that it saves time. If you happen to live in a major city where traffic is relentless, cycling can actually be faster than driving. Sydney is looking into improving their bicycle infrastructure; we can only hope Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and the rest of Australia’s metropolitan cities do the same.

But more importantly, it saves money; cycling to work also lessens one’s commuting expenses as petrol is definitely more costly than sweat. Purchasing a bicycle is also a lot cheaper than buying a car, services are minimal and you don’t have to worry about registration fees. There a lots of bicycle retailers around Australia, such as Bicycles Online, that offers a large variety of affordable, good quality bicycles to suit each individuals preferences; whether you’re riding as a sport, or as just a quick, affordable, environmentally-friendly way to get to your place of work.

The environment is another aspect to consider when thinking about how you’re going to get to work.  Cars alone are responsible for 13.5 percent of Australia’s green house gases, therefore cycling reduces your carbon footprint. When you take into account all of these factors, it’s easy to see why more and more Australian’s are opting to change their lives for the better, and cycle to work.


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Jim Stynes, AFL Legend and Hero Passes at age 45

The late great Jim Stynes

The late great Jim Stynes

The word ‘Hero’ is not enough to describe Jim Stynes.

To others he is more than the respected Irish footballer that led the Melbourne Football club to new heights. Some people regard him as a legend in football and in his life as a philanthropist. Stynes left a memorial landmark in the hearts and minds of the football fans as his rich history lives on through his work and life.

The Irish-born footballer became the pioneer for Gaelic players to stand up for the green in Australia’s football league. Being the most prominent product of the so-called Irish Experiment in the Melbourne Football Club, Stynes tore his way to earn respect and admiration in his playing days.

Stockpiling 244 consecutive games starting from 1987 up to 1998, Stynes shocked the AFL with his uncanny display of wit and pure athleticism. His position as a mobile ruckman inspired a whole new perspective on how the position is played, thus leaving another permanent mark on the game. Stynes was the only non- Australian born player to have received the Brownlow Medal for his sports career. Also, Stynes was inducted to the Australian Football Hall of Fame for his merits as a player.

Off the Field

While playing for the MFC and even long after, Stynes decided to pursue his other passion: volunteer work. He was well known for being a great volunteer worker for different non-profit organizations. Stynes even co- founded one, Reach Foundation. Stynes focused on helping the youth in their daily battles and struggles against different hindering problems in society. His faith in the youth pushed him to do charity work even during his last remaining days.

Jim Stynes also took the helm in the MFC during its most tiring times. He brought back the intensity in the games and the players under his leadership have testified to the extent of Stynes’ leadership.

His legendary person and ideals will live on as he embodied the spirit of the AFL and humanitarian work.


Jim, or as other close friends fondly call him “Jimmy” fought long and hard against cancer. Being diagnosed for melanoma earlier in 2009, Jimmy refused to step down as the MFC president and ensured the public that he will still continue doing his job even during his treatment. Stynes is remembered by his dearest friends to be a person of true strength and unwavering beliefs.

After Death

The Australian government declared a state funeral for the football legend. The world of football mourns for his passing but his memories will be remembered and cherished as he had cherished life for others. Memorial ceremonies will be held in his honor, coming from the AFL although final details on it will be later released.

For anyone who suffered a tragedy and would like to honour a life of a loved one , we recommend Astral Stone  to cherish your loved ones


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Casey Stoner Bags First Place in Sepang MotoGP Testing

Australia’s very own Casey Stoner, a professional motorbike racer and awarded 2008 Young Australian of The Year, emerged at the top of the  2nd pre-season MotoGP Testing held in Sepang, Malaysia.

Casey Stoner

Casey Stoner

Over the course of the 2nd pre-season MotoGP Testing, Casey Stoner has been amping up his driving and racing skills. In fact, the second day of the race showed just how ready Stoner was to take the lead. It was on this day that he broke Valentino Rossi’s record in 2009. The new track record to beat now is at  1:59.665, thanks to the young Australian Casey Stoner. It is also good to note that Stoner was the fastest in all of the preseason sessions held in Malaysia.

On the other hand, Honda teammate Dani Pedrosa also clocked in at less than 2 minutes. His official time was  1:59.803. The results of the recently concluded MotoGP Testing in Sepang, Malaysia brings great news to Honda as the team dominated this season—with its members taking the four highest ranks for the racing event.

On the tails of the Honda team is Ben Spies, a team rider for Yamaha. He clocked in at 2:00.678.

Two other Yamaha riders followed soon afterwards. They are Colin Edwards and Jorge Lorenzo.

Coming in at eighth place is Alvaro Bautista, who rides a Rizla Suzuki. Next to him were Hiroshi Aoyama and Hector Barbera.

Motorcycle racing is no easy feat. You should always check that everything about your bike is running smoothly—from the motorbike speedometer down to the LED work lights. Incidentally, it is always a good idea to check that your motorbike speedometer cables are compatible with your bike. The best way to check on this is to confirm from your motorbike manual or a specialist. On the other hand, you should also make sure that your LED work lights are working perfectly. Otherwise, you and the other riders could get into serious trouble if your motorcycle led turn signal indicator lights aren’t functioning properly. This was helped by one of the event sponsors, S3 performance who provided motorcycle parts such as motorbike speedometers and LED work lights to help with the safety of all racers.

Aside from checking that the motorcycle is working perfectly, it is also important to make sure that your driving skills are impeccable. Accidents and even deaths have been a part of many races. In fact, Ben Spies have suffered a few injuries himself in previous races. Even Valentino Rossi, who has won 7 GP’s has his share of accidents. Hence, double check that your motorbike speedometer and LED work lights are at their best conditions.

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Car Tyres Prevent Injury at Blue Ribbon Downs Cycling Event

Records show that 14 bicycle accidents occurred in New South Wales last 2009. It is important to note that ten of these accidents involved other vehicles. On the other hand, Victoria had 4 bike crashes to add to its records. All of which were also multiple vehicle accidents. Lastly QLD and SA had 7 and 2 bike accidents, respectively. Five of the QLD accidents involved other vehicles. The same can be said of the bike crashes in South Australia.

On another note, a boy of about 14 years of age recently died in Cuppits Lane, a dirt track in Sunny Corner State. The boy’s father noticed his son was missing when two of the latter’s mates got back to the camp site without him. The father found his son off the dirt road. Information from the news say the young lad crashed when he lost control of the bike. Further investigations are ongoing to be submitted to the coroner.

Based on these statistics, Beaurepaires is providing used car tyres for Blue Ribbon Downs’ One Off Cycling Event. It is the organizers’ and sponsors’ goal to ensure that the biking event goes smoothly. In lieu with making sure that the bikers’ and audience’s safety are met, the used car tyres will be placed at strategic areas of the bike tracks. It is hoped that the tyres will lessen the impact in the event that bicyclists meet with accidents.

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Blue Ribbon Downs Hosts One Off Cycling Event

The popularity of cycling is on the rise in Australia.  It is hard to top the improbable story of cancer survivor Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de France seven consecutive times but there are many more Australian cyclists like Simon Gerrans, Matthew Lloyd, Michael Rogers and Mathew Hayman are competing and succeeding at the sports top level.  Elite cyclists are perpetuating the cycle of strengthening and expanding the domestic cycling programs which helped them achieve their more recent successes

BikeSure recognizes all of this and believes that out there on the track is another “elite” waiting to happen.  The place to be when it all goes down shall be Blue Ribbon Downs.  So forget your entrance fees and just bring your spare wheels, helmets, and energy drinks cause this one is on them.  I think they are just waiting for the best weather this coming September and can start rolling.   It is believed they will be offering short courses of under 5km, medium courses of 5-10km, and may even have a road race of 60km.  BikeSure bicycle insurance shall be the sponsors and all you have to do is be there and have fun.  They shall be announcing the dates soon so get ready.  I can’t wait to see all the cycling enthusiasts out there and having fun.

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The Young Swimming Superstar

Point Cook, Wyndham swimming prodigy Karlene Pircher is keeps on leaving everyone in awe. This 13-year old athlete keeps on impressing critics and supporters with her superb swimming skills and great potential.

Karlene Pircher - Wyndham/Point Cook Leader Junior Sports Star

The young girl shares to everyone that she and her mother, Maggie, get off their beds as early as 3 in the morning every single day to drive for an hour from their house at Hoppers Crossing to the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre. This is where her training takes place for three hours. Her mother has always been the one who is there for her since her father Karl died of spine cancer.

“My mum has been very supportive of me,” Karlene shares as she thanked her mother as she accepted her medal, triphy and gift vouchers at the Etihad Stadium few weeks ago. She even mentioned that  Wyndham/Point Cook Leader Junior Sports Star and Northern Western Overall Junior Sports Star awards “belong almost as much to her mother” too.

Those current awards serve as icing on Karlene’s cake as he also won the 200m breaststroke last December at the Victorian Age Championships. She also won seven other medals from various swimming competition and was able to set four swimming records.

This year, she will be competing for the Open Nationals in Sydney as well as the World Swimming Championship trials. Karlene is also expected to go up against other athletes at the Age Nationals in Adelaide next month.

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Mortgage Brokers to help Blue Ribbon Downs Race Track

Financial relief for flood victimsVarious mortgage brokers have been contacted by Blue Ribbon Downs Race Track to talk about the damage that has
been done by the Queensland floods.

The race track has been greatly affected by the significant flooding that had happened during late December 2010 until early January 2011. Three quarters of the state of Queensland had been declared a disaster zone. A lot of people have died, thousands of families had been evacuated and a huge number of houses and establishments had been destroyed.

The flooding made a very huge economic impact. Initially, the damage was estimated at around A$ 1 billion, but in an interview, Queensland treasurer Andrew Fraser had said that “it was possible to put a figure on the damage”. The heavy toll of the flood will be felt by the Australian economy, costing them around A$10 billion in losses.

The government has released some figures at the latter part of January this year, with data that the Insurance Council of Australia has calculated that 38, 460 individual claims were lodged with insurers that were worth A$ 1.51 billion.

The clean-up and recovery work have been initiated, as well as support for everyone who has been affecting by the immense flooding. The Blue Ribbon Downs Race Tracks has been one of those that have been severely affected, that is why they have started to talk to various mortgage brokers to help them out in refinancing the establishment.

In a statement released by the said race track’s management: “Blue Ribbon Downs Race Tracks has been in talks with various mortgage brokers to help us with our current situation. It has been obvious that our establishment had been greatly affected by the recent Queensland flood and we needed help in refinancing. We are hoping for the best results.”

Some mortgage brokers have already aired their support to all those who have been affected, saying that they are trying their best to provide their customers with hardship assistance.

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Security Systems on Commonwealth Games

Security systems top the list of any event essentials, especially those events that are expecting millions of attendees. Organizers give top priority to such precaution because you never know when will accidents and crimes happen.

A good example of such event is the upcoming Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi, India. Organized every four years, this is the third largest multi-sports event in the world. Members of the Commonwealth Nation send their best athletes to compete in Olympic sports such as gymnastics, aquatics and boxing and games that are usually played in Commonwealth countries like lawn bowls, rugby seven and net balls.

According to reports, Delhi government is now preparing for various security systems that they could use. This is so far the biggest international sporting event that they will host since 1982.

Those 17 games that will be featuring will be held at six clusters and five stand-alone standia in the middle of the metropolis of 17 million people. Officials are making sure that they have enough security systems in the area to avoid all possible crimes and accidents. People across the globe are expected to attend the much-anticipated event. Ticket sales are predicted to be sold out even before the games begin.

Organizers are finalizing all the details as the games will going to take place this coming October 3-14. Traffic  and crowd control are also taken into considerations. Various agencies, especially those who have expertise in the field of security systems and large event planning, are also being tapped to spearhead this project.

Delhi’s internal security department has ensured all the Commonwealth Nation countries that they are doing their best to make the event safe and secure.

“Security systems such as metal detectors, surveillance cameras and baggage X-ray machines will be installed,” a Delhi officer shares.

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