Security Systems on Commonwealth Games

Security systems top the list of any event essentials, especially those events that are expecting millions of attendees. Organizers give top priority to such precaution because you never know when will accidents and crimes happen.

A good example of such event is the upcoming Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi, India. Organized every four years, this is the third largest multi-sports event in the world. Members of the Commonwealth Nation send their best athletes to compete in Olympic sports such as gymnastics, aquatics and boxing and games that are usually played in Commonwealth countries like lawn bowls, rugby seven and net balls.

According to reports, Delhi government is now preparing for various security systems that they could use. This is so far the biggest international sporting event that they will host since 1982.

Those 17 games that will be featuring will be held at six clusters and five stand-alone standia in the middle of the metropolis of 17 million people. Officials are making sure that they have enough security systems in the area to avoid all possible crimes and accidents. People across the globe are expected to attend the much-anticipated event. Ticket sales are predicted to be sold out even before the games begin.

Organizers are finalizing all the details as the games will going to take place this coming October 3-14. Traffic  and crowd control are also taken into considerations. Various agencies, especially those who have expertise in the field of security systems and large event planning, are also being tapped to spearhead this project.

Delhi’s internal security department has ensured all the Commonwealth Nation countries that they are doing their best to make the event safe and secure.

“Security systems such as metal detectors, surveillance cameras and baggage X-ray machines will be installed,” a Delhi officer shares.

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