Fakenham Holds ‘a Fighting Chance’ of Rescuing Sunday’s ITV Racing Card

Fakenham Holds ‘a Fighting Chance’ of Rescuing Sunday’s ITV Racing Card

The Norfolk track, which lost its popular New Year’s Day fixture to Southwell this year, had a sorry start to 2024 when its meeting the following day was cancelled due to safety concerns. Despite temperatures dropping to -5C with a light dusting of snow on Wednesday night, similar conditions were expected on Thursday night. However, the forecast predicted warmer weather over the weekend, with mild air rushing in on Saturday and Sunday.

Hunter, who has worked at the track for nearly three decades, expressed enthusiasm for Sunday’s race card, as it would be the first to receive terrestrial coverage during his tenure. He stated that the track has never had ITV or Channel 4 coverage in the past. Hunter conveyed his eagerness to have the race run, considering the poor weather season they have experienced, and the fact that the two main races are scheduled to be aired on ITV.

Despite the freezing conditions, Hunter mentioned that the weather is expected to improve, with a light frost likely on Friday night. He expressed hope that the warm weather forecasted for Saturday and Sunday, which predicts temperatures of 8-10 degrees, would help melt the frost on the ground. However, he acknowledged that the timing of the warm weather is crucial.

Hunter anticipates having at least one inspection to assess conditions before the race. He mentioned the possibility of holding an inspection on Saturday afternoon and potentially another one on the morning of the race day.

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