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Trainer Anticipates Big Rock’s 2024 with Blue Rose Cen’s Move from Christopher Head

Trainer Anticipates Big Rock’s 2024 with Blue Rose Cen’s Move from Christopher Head

Head will continue to train the world’s best miler, QEII winner Big Rock, at the head of a 22-strong team for Yeguada. Italian-born Guarnieri has taken delivery of 11 horses in Chantilly after being contacted by racing managers for Yeguada principal Leopoldo Fernandez Pujals. Guarnieri expressed his excitement at training high-quality horses sent to him and described it as a dream to train a filly like the one he received.

Guarnieri, originally from Sienna, found early success in France with two-year-olds, winning races such as the Criterium de Maisons-Laffitte and the Prix du Calvados. His highlight in Chantilly came when Asymmetric won on debut for his stable in the Prix du Cercle. Additionally, Blue Rose Cen, who had been under the training of Head, claimed her fourth Group 1 in the Prix de l’Opera. Head spoke highly of her, saying she made their name and he wouldn’t be where he is without her.

Guarnieri, who trained in La Teste before relocating to Chantilly, mentioned that the decision to bring him in as a second trainer was due to Yeguada’s choice not to sell any of their yearlings, leading to the need for additional training capacity. He expressed his gratitude for being chosen and his excitement at the arrival of the high-caliber filly in his yard, and he aims to contribute to her successful career at four.

The text also commends the stallion development potential of a horse named Big Rock, applauding his courage throughout the last season.

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