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“Di balik waktu” – bos staf stabil meminta perubahan budaya dalam balapan Inggris setelah keputusan Milton Harris

“Di balik waktu” – bos staf stabil meminta perubahan budaya dalam balapan Inggris setelah keputusan Milton Harris

George McGrath, chief executive of the National Association of Racing Staff, expressed that the case underscores how the sport in Britain is “behind the times,” and emphasized the essential need for a wider understanding of how staff and employers interact in different areas of racing to draw valuable lessons for the future. McGrath commended the BHA for its handling of the case, while also stressing the necessity for the sport to consider the wider implications of the outcome to move forward in the right manner. He highlighted the importance of recognizing the seriousness with which the BHA approached the case and the timeliness of their actions, pointing out that not all in racing treat their employees poorly. McGrath emphasized the need to shift away from viewing trainers solely as trainers and start regarding them as employers, acknowledging that the detailed findings of the BHA and the committee are a step forward towards realizing this shift.

He further mentioned that anyone who employs individuals in racing, whether they are trainers, racecourses, studs, or newspapers, should contemplate how they communicate with people, emphasizing the need for all parties to consider their interactions as well. McGrath reiterated the need for the racing industry to address its shortcomings and move away from outdated practices, emphasizing the urgency of the matter. In response to the findings, Harris expressed disappointment and underlined his commitment to prioritizing his horses, staff, and owners while reviewing the licensing committee’s report. Harris’s assistant, Tony Charlton, has been overseeing the yard since being granted a temporary licence in December.

The BHA stated that no decision would be made regarding the yard’s operation until at least the seven-day window for appealing against the findings had closed. Additionally, since the committee’s report was published, there have been reports of abusive social media messages directed at stable staff working for or speaking in support of Harris. If you’re not a Members’ Club Ultimate subscriber, you can’t access the rest of the text.

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