William Hill
5-1 Shot Expected to be Odds-On After Reading This

5-1 Shot Expected to be Odds-On After Reading This

The email, received from William Hill, appeared to have a mistake. It seemed that the digit following the five should have been a two, or possibly a four or even a six. It was easy to assume it was a typographical error, as anyone could make a slip of the finger, including the writer. Alternatively, there might have been some sort of catch involved, such as a maximum stake of five pounds or a restriction only applicable to new customers with accounts registered in Timbuktu.

Upon examining the email further, it was discovered that there were no terms and conditions specified, and the offer was not a typo. It appeared to be exactly as stated in the email. The writer was taken aback by the opportunity to back the maestro at odds of 5-1 for a back-to-back win. The writer’s exclamation of “Holy God” articulated their surprise and disbelief at the offer.

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