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Discover the Scottish Grand National winner with our innovative racecard in Smart View

Discover the Scottish Grand National winner with our innovative racecard in Smart View

The Smart View score has revolutionized the traditional racecard for the modern era. It presents all the intricate details, typically condensed into complex shorthand, in six color-coded bars, resembling a traffic light system, to depict scores out of 100.

These six scores are combined into a weighted average, known as the Smart View score, which has already led punters to significant wins. The primary objective of the Smart View score is twofold.

Firstly, it aims to simplify the traditional racecard and eliminate the barriers that deter potential fans from engaging with the sport. Secondly, it intends to encapsulate all the essential information that a serious punter would consider when analyzing a race.

This innovative approach has been developed based on customer feedback and implemented by a team of data scientists collaborating with racing experts over a period of more than two years. For the inquisitive bettors, there is a detailed guide on how to interpret a Smart View racecard.

The Smart View racecard continues to display the familiar information such as a horse’s silks, name, number, trainer, jockey, odds, and form figures. Additionally, it contains the essential details in the six attribute bars, with each bar representing a score out of 100 and color-coded to indicate the level of performance.

Furthermore, there is an accessibility version available to ensure that the viewing experience can be tailored to individual preferences. Additionally, each Smart View racecard entry includes the horse’s ability, trainer, and jockey scores, while the remaining three scores are drawn from a set of five factors specific to the race such as course, distance, ground, draw, and jumping, all selected based on the race’s code and other particular elements.

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