Stefano Cherchi
Stefano Cherchi Remembered by Hundreds at Racing Post Event

Stefano Cherchi Remembered by Hundreds at Racing Post Event

Cherchi had told her he was going anyway despite her saying no. On Sunday, hundreds of people whose lives had been positively influenced by Cherchi’s decision to follow his heart, gathered at the Our Lady Immaculate and Saint Etheldreda Church in Newmarket to honor him. The church was packed with people standing due to the limited seating.

A portrait of Cherchi adorned the altar, depicting a young rider with a gentle smile and kind eyes. Cherchi had been hospitalized a little over a month ago after a fall while riding in Canberra, Australia. Known for his ambition and love for his family, he was remembered as a charming and polite person by all who spoke of him.

The remembrance service was organized by Jimmy Quinn, who described Cherchi as a good lad with a strong drive for success and a love for racing and his job. The service drew a full church, filled with people who knew him and wanted to pay their respects. The building was filled beyond its 350-person capacity, with prominent figures from the racing world in attendance.

Cherchi’s fellow riders, trainers he had worked with, and representatives from the Professional Jockeys Association and the Injured Jockeys Fund all came to pay their respects. His brother, Matteo, delivered a speech in English, emphasizing Stefano’s fearless pursuit of his dreams and his impact on the people around him. Matteo also quoted his brother’s words from a eulogy read at a memorial service in Canberra, expressing the hope of being together again one day.

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