Chelmsford’s Saturday Morning Unveils Disgruntled Owner in Eye-opening Racing Post

British racing is currently trying new experiments, and one of them is starting fixtures in mid-morning. This initiative is aimed at decluttering Saturday afternoons and promoting the sport’s premium offerings to punters and the public. An unusual sight at Chelmsford on Saturday was the horses leaving the stalls for the first race not much more than an hour later. This […]

Racing Post: Sport’s Big Concern is Politics, Racing Embodies Boldness, Bravery, and Confidence

Forgive me for pointing out that there are clear parallels between the Grand National and affordability checks. It’s all about control, or rather the lack of it. The sport of British racing is losing tens of millions of pounds due to decisions made elsewhere. Despite efforts by the sport’s leaders and supporters to persuade the government, affordability checks are seen […]