Increase in Late Races in Britain Becoming a Growing Concern

Increase in Late Races in Britain Becoming a Growing Concern

In a recent interview with the Racing Post, Richard Hoiles, ITV Racing’s lead commentator, expressed his main desire for the sport in 2024: combating delays to the start of races. Hoiles emphasized the need to improve the experience of viewers and racegoers by ensuring punctual start times. He stated that punctuality is “the absolute god of terrestrial television.”

However, despite the importance of timely starts for British racing’s fortunes, recent research conducted by the Racing Post indicates that the sport is struggling with this aspect. This is particularly significant now as the presence of a worldwide betting audience through the World Pool has made getting races off on time even more crucial.

The findings of the research highlight the extent of the problem and shed light on how badly the sport is missing the mark. The delays in race starts have ramifications not only for television viewers but also for those attending the races in person. Such delays disrupt the overall experience and can have a negative impact on the perception of the sport.

The study reveals that promptness is an area where British racing needs to make significant improvements. The delay in race starts not only hampers the enjoyment of viewers and racegoers but also affects the sport’s ability to maintain and attract a dedicated audience. The lack of punctuality can be detrimental to the industry’s reputation and financial success.

As the sport and its stakeholders look towards the future, addressing the issue of delays to race starts should become a top priority. By focusing efforts on ensuring prompt and reliable start times, British racing can enhance the overall experience for fans, both in person and watching from home. This, in turn, will help to maintain and grow the sport’s popularity, boosting its prospects in the face of international competition and the ever-expanding world of betting.

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